Africa Screams (1949)

One Sheet Poster

Guess who’s back?  Bud and Lou!  Just when you thought you’d seen the last of ‘em, they pop up again, this time in Africa (or a rather unconvincing facsimile thereof).  This time out, the boys play Buzz and Stanley.  Stanley’s last name is Livington—get it?  Oh, never mind.  They’re off to Africa in search of a) wild animals for lion-tamer Clyde Beatty to use in his show; b) an “Orangutan Gargantua,” or in plain English, a 20-foot ape; and c) diamonds.  Of course, the usual hijinks occur (or should that be lowjinks?).  (Have you noticed my fondness for parentheses yet?)  (Have you?)  (Huh?)

Sporadically amusing film was made independently, and has now fallen into the public domain. For some unexplained reason, I’ve got three copies of this film on DVD.  YOU can pick this one up in almost any store that sells DVDs, usually for a buck or two.  Buck?  Did I mention that Frank Buck is in the film as well?  There’s also a stooge (Shemp Howard) and a future stooge (Joe Besser) in it, along with lots of lions (both real and fake), lots of crocodiles (some real but most fake), and the aforementioned 20-foot ape (I’m pretty sure that it’s fake).  Add to that a whole bunch of native tribesmen who want to eat Lou for dinner, and you’ve pretty much got an idea of what’s going on.

If you’ve watched every film that I’ve discussed so far (and you HAVE, haven’t you?), you’ll know whether or not you’re an Abbott and Costello fan.  So anything I say about this film will either be preaching to the choir or will fall on deaf ears.  However, if you HAVEN’T been watching all these films, and you’re relatively undecided about whether you like Abbott and Costello or not, you can make up your mind right now—

Here’s the entire film, courtesy of!  Enjoy!

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